21/08/16 - 21/08/20

Task 6.1 and 6.2 need to be done and handed in for assessment purposes by the 27th of August

21/08/23 - 21/08/27

21/08/30 - 21/09/03

Learners should work through the pages of research information that they received to prepare for their speech (Taak 7)
All Taalreëls on MiEbooks should be studied and revised on an ongoing basis.
Taaloefeninge (Language exercises) will follow after all sections of the project have been completed.
There are study guides available at a reduced price. Please enquire with Mrs Smith.
The summaries (with English translation and bilingual vocabulary lists) are an excellent tool to promote the learning of vocabulary and language structures.

Absenteeism should be avoided.

21/09/13 - 21/09/17

21/09/13 - 21/09/17