Dramatic Arts

21/08/16 - 21/08/20

21/08/23 - 21/08/27

21/08/30 - 21/09/03

21/09/03 - 21/09/10

Good day learners,

As I do not see you for the remainder of this week, here is your work for the week 6 – 10 September:

Notes on Medieval theatre and Commedia dell’arte attached. Please read both sets of notes.
Please prepare your practical for next week (PAT 3 Prac). As a reminder, please refer to the attached document, which outlines what you need to prepare.

As always, you are welcome to contact me either on my email or WhatsApp or in person at school should you need assistance with your work.

Best wishes and stay safe,
Ms Schoombie

21/09/13 - 21/09/17

Medieval theatre and Commedia dell’arte