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History of Allen Glen High School


Origin of the school and the history of the name:


Allen Glen High School is situated within the suburbs of Allen’s Nek and Weltevreden Park and was the first high school established north of Ontdekkers Road in Roodepoort.  The school came into existence in 1993 to cope with the vast number of learners in the neighboring feeder schools as well as the projected population growth in areas north and west of the N1.

The area was named after Phil Allen (1876- 1961) an Englishman, who was associated with the Struben brothers during their formative years as gold prospectors in the area and who is credited with the discovery of payable gold on the Witwatersrand and the discovery of the Confidence Reef. Phil Allen worked on their mine and eventually bought the farm known as Struben’s Valley. His success as a farmer, a transporter, and in gold ventures resulted in a roadway, which is known today as “Allens Nek”. 

The school’s official name, Allen Glen, is associated with the area’s heritage: ‘Allen’ was the family name of the original owners of the land on which the school is built, as well as its geographical location close to the Allens Nek roadway. Glen Dayson, the small holding that was situated next to the school, completes the naming process. Glen is also a Gaelic word for “narrow valley” which forms part of the school’s geographical heritage and means “peaceful development”.  The school’s name was officially chosen after it was democratically agreed upon by the founding parent body.


The school’s plaque was unveiled by the Executive Director of the Transvaal Education Department, Dr Ken Paine, at the official opening on 12 November 1993. Dr. Paine expressed his wish that the school should offer a supportive environment to its learners and should keep three important aspects in mind: “truth, youth, and love”.  The school, which received donations from local organizations, also received funding from the government as it was categorized as a Model C school at the time of its inception.

As the school expanded the buildings were after founding members of the community such as: Phil Allen, the Struben brothers, and Bantjies which are owned by an SGB trust.




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